Hydrogen, A Viable Alternative To Fossil FuelsJune 7th, 2007

This design is only a theory and I can no more speak for the people of Iceland than I can speak for the people of Hawaii. In contemplating the global dilemma, these diverse groups of people may hold the key.

Both the state of Hawaii and the Nation of Iceland are geo-thermal hotbeds of activity and when we search for geo-thermal generating potential it seems to me that Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific, and Iceland in the northern Atlantic, present themselves as an oceanic oasis from which Hydrogen can flow.

With ocean surrounding Hawaii and Iceland that is relatively free from heavy industry’s pollution, the by-products of Hydrogen production from sea-water would, it seems to me, be few. Salt for one and Oxygen being the other by-product that I can think of. Oxygen could simply be let go into the atmosphere helping offset the C02 saturation of our present atmosphere. This may pose weather problems but one or two new sources for Oxygen would help I think until we get reforestation where we want it.

I would propose that auto-makers get on board and start producing Hydrogen powered vehicles sooner rather than later. Because, if Hawaii and Iceland will come on-board in the production of Hydrogen Fuel, we’ve got a solution that becomes environmentally viable and more so with each passing day.

The production of Hydrogen from seismically sound and geo-thermally powered facilities that are at sufficient elevation to negate rising sea levels would be the optimum solution. Remote locations, almost central to the north Atlantic and north Pacific, is just a bonus.

Hydrogen would not have any exploration costs and we would only need adequate tankers I believe to transport the fuel and the industrialized world would be at the doorstep if only HAWAII and ICELAND agree.

The more Hydrogen fuel becomes a replacement fuel for fossil fuels the less CO2 the world will produce and the benefits are, I believe, worth the risks.


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