Hydrogen, A Viable Alternative To Fossil Fuels ©March 19th, 2008

Earlier I spoke of the two by-products of Hydrogen production from sea water in isolation, and yet overlooked the possibility of a commercial and humanitarian use for the pure H2O that results from “stage one” of Hydrogen production –desalination.

Surely the removal of salt from sea-water on its way to becoming Hydrogen and Oxygen may provide a secondary resource of fresh potable water that this world may someday desperately need.

The possible necessity of demand for potable water, as well as Hydrogen Fuel requires that we look at the desalination stage with fresh eyes to determine whether the desalination stage is a large enough size to provide pure H2O as well as H2O for refining into Hydrogen and Oxygen as envisioned in HAVAFF (June 7th, 2007).

I also envision part, or most of the systems required, to be powered by steam turbines, as this would probably be the most energy efficient use of geo-thermal power that lies untapped in Hawaii and Iceland.



You cannot solve life’s problems without first having been confounded at every turn; only then can you start from scratch.

Source: U.N.B.C Nov. 19, 2008

Boron nitride coating is key ingredient in hypersaline desalination technology

Source: Phys.org

At University of Copenhagen, Fuel cells for hydrogen vehicles are becoming longer lasting. A new catalyst is discovered that can be used to produce cheaper and far more sustainable hydrogen powered vehicles.

Source: Phys.org

Has the world started to take climate change fight seriously? Chinese premier Xi Jinping has pledged that China will reach carbon neutrality by 2060

Source: BBC


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