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February 29, 2024

Now for something completely different, I’ll document here, how I am convinced that I’m a Twin.  Let’s go all the way back to pre-natal habitation.  In the womb of our mother, we twins were “back-to-back.”  By this configuration our birth mother was unaware that she carried two fetuses.

When we were born, we remained back-to-back and came through the birth canal arms linked!

Because we both came forth at the same time, our birth mother thought there was only one birth.

At first, the medical staff were thinking (conjoined twins) until they untangled us.  Knowing the unwed mother was going to put the baby up for adoption, and since there was a twin, they decided to conceal my sister. Thinking the birth was an act of God and being a Catholic hospital- they wanted part of it.

Now that the hospital staff had a newborn, it was decided they would hide the baby in an unused "Freeza" which was nothing more than a cold storage room (used before the days of refrigeration).

It was further decided that my sister would go to the next mother that had a stillbirth or miscarriage.  Either way, it did not matter which Catholic hospital that it occurred in, they would make it work.  If you’re following along, you must be wondering how I know all these details.  I’ll get to that soon enough.

As it turned out, there was an accidental death of a newborn.  The baby was dropped onto the floor and died.  To console the mother, my sister was presented and the story goes that a twin died at birth.  And guess what? They’ve got a body to prove it! This is how to steal a newborn!

I’m guessing now that the new mother knew about the changeling and did her due diligence in hospital and learned how the newborn girl came to be.

Unable to contain her grief, the new mother must have contacted her new daughter's Grandmother, in the hope that the twins should be together.

This is where our maternal Grandmother searched out my adoptive Grandmother, to effect a reunion with us twins.  We had visits at my adoptive Grandmother’s home when we were approximately 3 or 4 years of age.  This occurred fairly regularly, until the time came when my adoptive Grandmother decided to tell my adoptive Parents.

We twins were seated on the floor just off the kitchen of my adoptive Grandmothers home and overheard the whole story.  That is how I know so much about this!

They went on and on, reciting Bible Verses, as the story was related to them.

The visits with my twin ceased, but on the way home, I remembered thinking: I am a Twin!  I am a Twin! Not even knowing what a twin was.

The Truth is stranger than Fiction.

Quite so!


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