Hydrogen, A Viable Alternative To Fossil Fuels ©August 25th, 2010

Two items need clarification today about HAVAFF as it is written. First of all with Iceland playing a suggested lead role in the move off Fossil Fuels and into Hydrogen, winter deliveries might be a bitch. Therefore I would suggest Iceland might need a fleet of adequate Icebreakers to meet any commitments.

The second item I’d like to add today refers to the omission of Hydrogen deliveries into the Indian Ocean. Pardon me, Hydrogen and Potable Water. “The player to be named later” turns out to be: New Zealand. New Zealand has the geo-thermal generating potential of Hawaii and Iceland but also has the direct route necessary into the Indian Ocean.

This design is by no means all encompassing. As was told to me earlier this year, geo-thermal generating potential exists everywhere, if you just drill deep enough to tap into it.


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