Hydrogen, A Viable Alternative To Fossil Fuels ©

Havaff Part Huit

February 21st 2021

Where there’s a port - there is likely a pipeline. Existing pipelines can be used for Hydrogen, or so I’m told.

Hydrogen cannot be anymore dangerous than Liquid Natural Gas – which we’ve been using for years without major incidence.

Hydrogen produces three things: Electricity, heat and water. It is the electricity we want, to power-up our economy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Hydrogen could be piped out to any inland facility equipped to convert the Green Hydrogen I speak of, to Electricity. Not to minimize L.N.G, but how can hydrogen be any worse? They are similar, yet different. My idea to use hydrogen as a future clean energy source almost makes L.N.G obsolete. Especially in view of climate change. Green Hydrogen produced around the world is beginning to make more and more sense, what do you think? Hydrogen is clean energy without any harmful emissions (when produced with Geo-Thermal Electricity) and is sustainable (without limits). It remains under our control, not like the wind and solar which depend on the mood of mother nature. It can also be stored without the use of batteries and purposed when needed, also unlike wind and solar.

Havaff’s advantages are myriad but mostly it is zero carbon, to save our planet.

Signed, Norman


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